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Cylinder Bore honing

The Honing Process is a difficult process to master, but our machining experts have done just that. On our precision Honing equipment we can do Cylinder Bore Honing as well other types of parts that require a precise tolerance and finish. We are able to keep a tolerance of .0002″ and a finish of 4rms on all of our hones.

Any type of part that requires a smooth, precise bore can and should be honed. We are able to hone Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Alloys, Brass/Bronze, Plastics and other type of materials, even Hardened Steels up to 60Rc.

Recently we have began to offer honing services of engine cylinder bores. When the engine has many miles on it the Cylinder Bores become worn and lose the necessary seal. With our honing process we are able to restore the bores to a smooth finish so that there is a tight seal with the pistons. Cylinder Bore Honing is a necessary operation to restore engine performance. 

Small Honing Capabilities

Sunnen MBB 1660 Horizontal

Capable of Honing from .060″ to 2.0″ Dia. 10″ Long. Excellent Honing Machine for the smallest of the small. 

2-Sunnen MBB 1803 Horizontal

Honing from 3/4″ Dia. to 2″ Dia. 16″ Long.

Sunnen SV-10 Vertical Programmable Hone

Capable of Honing 1/2″ to 18″ Dia. 12″ Long. 
Excellent Machine that produces superb finish and tolerance.

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