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Low Volume CNC Machining

The large CNC Machining we do means we have had to become experts in Low Volume CNC Machining. Making parts for industries such as oil and gas, power generation, mining, and plastic extrusion means that in most cases the parts are large with low quantities. The material alone for such parts is very expensive and we have evolved our CNC process to what we call the „Zero Scrap Policy.”We usually do not have the luxury of scrapping a couple test pieces like with large quantity jobs.

The inspection tooling that we have invested in is playing a vital role in keeping our „Zero Scrap Policy” going. We constantly inspect each part while working on it, making sure that the part is to tolerance before it is taken off the machine. We are fully aware that Low Volume CNC Machining does not mean that the parts required are any less precise and complicated.

All of our equipment and tooling is suited for the low quantities with set-up times between cutting kept down to a minimum. Each new machine that we purchase comes with an extended tool magazine which makes our tool set-up times lower. The tools that are used over and over again are kept indicated and ready to cut at all times.

We are very happy to work on parts in our CNC Department in any quantity from a single piece to thousands of parts. With the „Zero Scrap Policy” in place we are very competitive on pricing because we make sure each part is done right the first time and every time. We do not have to pass the costs of wasted material and repeat work to our customers, which keeps our prices down and deliveries on time. 

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