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Other Machine Shop Service that we have added over the years

In order to reach our goal of becoming a True Full Service Machine Shop, we have expanded our Machining Services. We now specialize in other services such as Deep Hole DrillingPrecision Grinding, and Welding.

Each time we came upon a part which required an outside Machine Shop service, we asked ourselves if we could do that service in house. Step by step we added a broad range of different capabilities.

The first service that we added was Welding. Customer demand required that we not only just machine, but also that we fabricate. We now employ welders that specialize in TIG, and MIG welding.

A bit later we decided to add a Gundrill machine to compliment our growing Honing Department. We are able to drill from 1/8 inch to 5 inches diameter, in all types of materials. Most of the time we will drill a hole on our GunDrill, and then we can Hone it to a precise tolerance and a mirror finish.

Recently we have added a couple of machines to expand our Grinding capabilities. These days we provide centerless grinding, surface grinding, and blanchard grinding. 

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