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Large Manual Milling Machining

From the beginning large and heavy duty Milling Machine Work has been a staple here at Zala Machine. Our manual milling machines are capable of handling very large and heavy work pieces, which most other shops can’t or won’t take on. Most of the jobs on these machines start out as large solids chunks of steel which we then milling and drill to make precision parts.

With the combination of Large Turning and the Milling Machine Work we do we are able to make large parts with a combination of squared/flat features and round features such as precision bores and threads. Our welding department also works very well with our Milling Department, a lot of projects require large weldments that then are finished on our Milling Machines.

As in all of other departments we are very creative in utilizing each machine to it’s fullest potential, and we can do very simple drilling and rough milling as well as very precise and difficult parts. We also are aggresive in upgrading our tooling for our manual mills, which allow us to make heavier and faster cuts resulting in faster turn around times and lower price. 

Precision Milling Capabilities

Devlieg Boring Mill

Travel x-96″, y-40″, z-70″. 
Used for Heavy-Duty Milling and Boring

Reiden Horizontal/Vertical Mill

Travel x-86″, y-28″, z-45″. 
Very flexible machine, great for precise work

Cincinnati Mill

Travel x-84″, y-15″, z-35″. 
Very Tough Milling Machine. 
Great at Heavy-Duty Roughing

2-Bridgeport Series 2 Mills

Travel x-54″, y-14″, z-15″. 
Very flexible and precise machines

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