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Precision shaft manufacturing of all type of shafts for all types of applications.  We specialize in providing cost effective shafts machined on some of the best lathes to the utmost precision.  Shafts from 2 inches in diameter up to 20 inches diameter.  Longest shaft we have recently completed was a Turret Shaft for a large winder that was 252 inches long.  We machined the 18 inch diameter tube and welded large journals. The lathe department can handle all shafts keeping a very tight tolerance on our CNC Lathes.  The shafts we manufacture include special processes like threading, polishing, heat treating, welding, spline cutting, gear/keyway cutting, and all types of milling.  

Most of the critical diameters and tight tolerances we grind on our Cylindrical Grinder to keep the highest precision in diameter and concentricity.  Long threaded shafts are also very common in our Lathe Department.  We have invented custom support tooling to allow us to turn very long thin thread.  Threads types include standard imperial, metric, acme, trapezoid, buttress and all others. Some of our more difficult shafts include drilled and honed bores.  We are experts at these type of shafts.  The bores are kept 100% concentric with our custom designed stead rests and fixturing techniques.  Our honing and department works closely on any shaft that requires tight tolerance on the bores as well as bearing surfaces. 


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