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Open the door to precision and reliability with our CNC Turning services.

From our humble CNC Turning beginnings we have added top of the line CNC Lathe machines to include a full range of CNC Lathe capabilities and capacity. We are experts in Low Volume CNC from 2 inches diameter up to 32 inches diameter! With the most advanced turning centers we work in all materials from soft plastics, aluminum, brass, bronze to the more challenging alloy steels, stainless steels to the most challenging exotic materials such as inconel, titanium, manganese steel, hastelloy and others.

Jobs coming through the shop vary from simple bushings to complex adapters and round dies with tolerances of less than .001″. We have developed innovative techniques to provide very fine finishes from 4 to 8 rms. The surface finishes are checked with a profilometer to ensure highest quality.

At our shop in NJ we have turned thousands of different parts and provide quality work on shafts, bearing housings, wheels/pulleys, threaded bolts, melt pipes, extruder adapters, high pressure covers and many other type of parts.  Some of the more complex parts we machine are for the Blown Film Industry with great precision on complex drilling and spiral machining and polishing. All of the parts that we manufacture in our machine shop go through the most stringent quality control process ensuring a correct quality part each and every time.

Scroll down for some examples of recently turned parts. If you have parts that require precision turning contact us with a Request for Quotation.

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Are you looking for a proven machining method that will provide you with perfect parts with precise dimensions and high quality?
  CNC Turning is a solution that will meet your expectations!


Up to 20″ Diameter Turning x 54″ Long.
Great for Very Precise Turning.
Large and Small Quantities.


Up to 32″ Diameter Turning x 60″ Long
50 Horse Power Beast
High Precision Large Parts


Up to 18″ Diameter Turning x 45″ Long
Precision Turning with Great Finishes
Great for Shafts and Adapters


5 Axis Complex Milling/Drilling
Up to 24″ Diameter Turning x 60″ Long
Blown Film Die/Aerospace/Energy

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Our CNC Machines enable the precise manufacture of a variety of parts from a variety of materials.

Our advanced CNC machining centers and an experienced team of engineers guarantee excellent results. Regardless of the complexity of the project or specification, we are ready to meet your requirements. Our machines are equipped with the latest technology.

see more photos and videos in our gallery.